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Cost of Building a House in Nepal: Budgeting Guidelines

Cost of Building a House in Nepal: Budgeting Guidelines

What is the cost of building a house in Nepal? It's the query that connects with every individual initiating their construction journey to build their dream house in Nepal.

Overview of Housing Market in Nepal 

The housing market in Nepal is influenced by diverse factors such as economic, regional, and cultural preferences. So, understanding the trends of this market is essential for making an informed decision when investing in real estate in Nepal.

The cost of house construction in Nepal varies significantly depending on its market condition, location, size and design, materials and construction methods, infrastructures and utilities, labor cost and government regulations and permits.  

In this article, we will look into the details of cost involved in house construction in Nepal, with a primary emphasis on budgeting. The goal is to provide you with the information needed to make thoughtful decisions, ensuring that your dream home doesn't turn into a financial burden.

How Expensive is it to Build a House in Nepal

The per square feet construction cost of a standard house in Nepal is approximately estimated to be around Rs. 3000 – Rs 3500. The cost for premium house construction may rise up to Rs. 5000 per square feet. Additionally, the reputation of house construction companies can also play a role in influencing the construction rate in Nepal. 

After the recession in 2023 the building estimate and costing have become quite expensive. Starting from purchase of land to imported construction material cost significantly impacts your budget. For instance, the average price of land in Kathmandu is estimated to be around Rs. 1 crore – Rs. 2 crore per aana in prime locations.

What are the Factors that Influence Construction Costs?

The factors influencing construction cost includes:

  1. Location: Your construction site can impact costs due to differences in land prices, accessibility, and local building regulations. For example, Building house in the core cities of Kathmandu like Newroad, Durbarmarg, Thamel is comparatively more expensive than building a house in Banepa. 
  2. Type and Size of the Structure:  The price of constructing a house in Nepal may vary depending on the type of house you're planning to build. The design, style, and size of the structure significantly affect construction costs. For example, a simple box design house is cheaper to build compared to complex designs as it requires more skilled labor and materials.
  3. Materials Used: Your choices of materials tend to have a great impact on construction cost. If you prefer high- quality or imported materials then it would be more expensive. For example, Aluminum windows are cheaper than Upvc windows while wooden windows are most expensive.
  4. Labor Costs: Skilled labors cost more than unskilled labors. The choice of labor depends on the skill level required for your project.
  5. Permits and Regulations: Obtaining necessary permits and compliance with regulations often involves additional expenses.
  6. Market Conditions: Economic factors, including inflation, material supply and demand, and market conditions, significantly impact construction costs.
  7. Contingency Planning: It's a must to have a contingency fund for unforeseen circumstances or changes during the construction process.

Construction Cost in Nepal

Here is the brief overview of construction expenses associated for building a 2.5 storey house as a reference.



Quantity required

Price (Approx.)


15 ton

Rs. 14,00,000

Cement (OPC+PPC)

1200 bags

Rs. 900,000


50,000 pc

Rs. 900,000


9 tripper

Rs. 288,000


14 tripper

Rs. 400,000

Door frame

No. of doors- 14 

Rs. 700,000


Aluminum window

Or Upvc


As per requirement

As per requirement


Rs. 500,000

Rs. 900,000

Plumbing expenses

As per requirement

Rs. 500,000

Marble and tiles

As per requirement

Rs. 800,000 

Electrical expenses

As per requirement

Rs. 300,000


As per requirement 

Rs. 400,000

Grills and rods in windows and staircase

As per requirement

Rs. 400,000




Architectural drawing


Rs. 150,000

Municipality charges


Rs. 50,000


As per requirement 

Rs. 35,000



Rs. 200,000



Rs. 95,23,000



Above mentioned price is just an approximate estimate for the materials. The cost covers an average estimate required for the main structure of the house including foundation, framework, concreting, plastering, painting along with doors and windows.  

The estimated average price for building a 2.5 storey house in Nepal ranges from Rs 75 lakhs to Rs. 95 lakhs excluding finishing cost, depending upon the choice of materials and quality used. 

Note: The above mentioned cost may vary even for the exact dimension depending on the choice of materials, their quality, the difference in rates charged by construction companies as per their reputation and expertise and fluctuation in the market rate.

How to Minimize the Cost of Building a House?

Here are some tips to reduce the home construction cost:

  1. Plan carefully and avoid costly changes: Smart planning in the design phase helps use space efficiently, cutting down on unnecessary square footage and lowering overall construction costs.
  2. Opt for Prefabricated materials: Prefabricated materials like wall panels, trusses are comparatively cheaper than traditional bricks, roof tiles used in RCC building.
  3. Smart Material Choices: Consider using locally sourced materials rather than high-end imported materials. For instance, clay bricks are cost-effective and eco-friendly alternatives to imported materials.
  4. Choose a simple design: Complex architectural designs tend to increase cost of construction whereas a simpler design helps to reduce time, labor costs, and eliminate the need for use of expensive materials.

Challenges in House Construction in Nepal

  1. Skilled Labor Shortage

There is a shortage of skilled manpower in Nepal in construction business due to limited training opportunities. Another problem is that those who are skilled are migrating abroad for better opportunities. This problem ultimately leads to project delays, higher labor costs, and poor work quality.

  1. Material cost

Frequent fluctuations in building material cost is a major challenge which directly impacts budgeting of a construction project.

  1. Building Regulations

Following strict building codes and regulations poses a considerable challenge. Complying with such strict rules and regulations can sometimes lead to delays in construction timeline subsequently leading to increased cost.

The Final Word

In conclusion, building a house in Nepal comes with its share of challenges, but with smart decisions and careful planning, you can manage it. By figuring out your budget, knowing what factors affect costs, and tying up with the right construction company, you can start building your home with confidence.

If you are still having doubts, consider seeking guidance from a reputable house construction company such as Jadan Construction Group. Their expertise can help you realize your dream home while staying within your budget.

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