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How Long Does It Take to Build a House in Nepal?

How Long Does It Take to Build a House in Nepal?

"How long does it take to build a house?" 
It's a common concern when constructing a house in Nepal because the construction of a house is a lifetime achievement.

Depending on the size of the project and other factors, building the house could take anywhere between six months and two years.

In this article, we'll go through the challenging step-by-step process of building a house in Nepal, as well as how much time is needed for each stage. Understanding the schedule is important, whether building a little house or a large palace. Let us now explore Nepal's home construction sector and understand the secrets to timely completion.

In order for you to fully comprehend the entire process, let's break down these steps one at a time.

A. Pre-Construction Phase:

There is a lot of preparation work that must be completed before construction gets started. Clearing the site, planning, designing, and getting the relevant permits are all part of the process. Home design and building companies, like Jadan Construction, can assist you in getting everything set in time.

Jadan Construction offers a variety of services, including interior design and construction. Additionally, they can support planning and getting permission other technical work  like" नक्सा पास." They can help you design the home of your dreams because they are professionals in their industry.

Design and Planning: 

Planning and design can take months. A detailed blueprint of your home is required. It creates the structure for an effective building process. Jadan Construction provides individualized and trustworthy service and will provide you with a comprehensive strategy to guarantee that your house is completed on schedule and within your budget.

Additionally, they have a group of skilled designers and builders who will guarantee that your home satisfies the greatest standard of quality and safety.

Design and planning

Obtaining permits: 

Getting building permits in Nepal can take time and effort. As part of the process, dealing with paperwork and regulations might cause delays. Proper documentation and professional help can make this stage easier.

Site Preparation: 

After receiving your permissions, it's important to get the job site ready. Clearing the land, digging, and installing the foundation are all part of the process. Your construction team's efficiency here can affect the entire time limit.

B. Actual Construction: 

Depending on the size and complexity of your home, construction will take time. To make sure everything goes as planned and without a hitch, construction companies supervise the process.

In order to give their clients the greatest outcomes possible, Jadan Construction is dedicated to doing whatever it takes to make them happy. They take pride in their work and are dedicated to delivering excellent client service.

Materials Sourcing: 

Obtaining supplies of things like steel, cement, bricks, and other things is important. Delivery delays for raw materials can cause delays. Working with trustworthy contractors helps to keep the project on track.

Manpower management:

Manpower, such as civil engineers, laborers, masons, plumbers, foremen, and electricians, is important for construction projects. Even though there is a lot of machinery that can do a lot of work, human manpower is required for technical support as well as smooth operation.

So, the arrangement of this manpower seems to be pretty complicated, so to solve this problem, Jadan Construction has come to an idea where they supply specialists with highly skilled and trained manpower for reliable completion of the project. 

Equipment and Other supplies

Equipment and other supplies are required for construction to complete the construction project on time; manpower requires different equipment such as a Concrete mixer machine, a Masonry Saw, mechanical jumpers for the compaction of soil, excavators for excavation, a boring drilling machine, etc. Since hand mixing will be time-consuming and is not a good method, machine mixing for all types of concrete mortar makes work easier.

Here, on the other hand, Jadan Construction provides all kinds of machinery on time that, will save your budget as well, and construction work will not be interrupted.

Weather and Seasons: 

Since rain and extremely cold weather in Nepal might delay construction, it's ideal to plan work during a time of favorable weather to prevent these difficulties. The ideal season to construct a house in Nepal is from February to March. These seasons are relatively dry and help to complete the construction process fast.

The main purpose of Jadan Construction is to complete their project on time, whatever the situation is; even though the rainy season would not be the best season for building a house or building, the building process can be started in any weather and any season, so the ideal time is all around the year.

Project Management:

In construction, project management means overseeing everything: materials, skilled workers, equipment, and sticking to the project plans. The main goal of Jadan Construction is to make sure everything runs smoothly, finish on time, and hand over a successful project.

Experienced construction companies are great at this. They watch over every detail, keep things on schedule, and make sure the project moves ahead without obstacles.

There are many types of skilled manpower needed for construction work completion, such as:

  • Engineers for technical stuff
  • Architects to design,
  • Laborers for general help
  • Heavy equipment operators
  • Carpenters for woodwork,
  • Masons for the building process,
  • Electricians for wiring and other electric related work 
  • Plumbers for pipes, 
  • Welders for metal, 
  • Painters for a painting

And to look after overall workflow, project manager is needed.

Quality Control: 

Checking for quality and safety during construction is critical. Setting aside time for these inspections guarantees a high-quality final result.

C. Post-Construction: 

After the construction phase, thorough inspection, necessary testing, and observation are conducted before the handover of the project. However, even after the handover, if there are any material defects or workmanship faults within 2 years (known as the Defective Liability Period or DLP), the Jadan Construction company will provide immediate service and support to address and rectify any issues.

After the completion of construction work, there is still some work to be done, such as handling interior work, utility installations, and final inspection of the completed project that will ensure that the project meets all client requirements and safety requirements.

Factors Affecting Construction Time

In addition to the main project phases, there are external factors that can significantly impact the project timeline. These factors include:

  • National crises, 
  • Blockades,
  • holiday leaves during festivals, 
  • Adverse weather conditions, 
  • Design changes. 

These variables can introduce delays and must be carefully considered and managed to ensure the project stays on track and meets its scheduled milestones.


In Nepal, building a house involves numerous stages and factors which impact the timetable. To finish projects on a timetable, you must work with professional construction companies. They can make your ideal home a reality by bringing knowledge, project management skills, and the determination to overcome challenges.


1. How long does it take to build a house in Nepal?

Typically, it takes from six months to two years, depending on the project's size and complexity.

2. What can cause construction delays?

Delays can be due to weather, material availability, permits, and unexpected issues during construction.

3. Are there ideal seasons for construction in Nepal?

Yes, it's best to schedule construction during dry and less extreme weather seasons, like February to March.

4. Why is quality control important for construction timelines?

Quality checks and inspections are vital to ensure a high-quality finished product and should be factored into the timeline.

With these insights and guidance, you're ready to embark on your home construction journey in Nepal. Remember, careful planning and patience are your allies in achieving your dream home on time.



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