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How to clean up post-renovation?

How to clean up post-renovation?

Have you recently renovated your house? Or are you looking to renovate your house? You must already be worried about the horrible mess a renovation will cause at your home. Renovations and constructions can be very messy.

There are many tools, debris, dust, and construction material leftovers that can be difficult to deal with. Renovations include both demolition and construction, which makes it even worse. But, in this article, we have collected steps and cleaning processes that will help you clean your apartment with ease.                                                           

Pre Renovation Measures

Renovation can be very messy and disruptive, and it can leave a huge amount of waste. And, if not taken proper precautions, post-renovation cleaning tasks can be a nightmare. It is advised that people follow the following measures to help manage all the waste produced.

Set up a Construction Area

Designate a specific area of your property for construction. Make sure your workers and contractor know this. Ask them to use that specific area for all construction works. This will stop the mess from spreading around everywhere.

Protect your Furniture and Floors

Renovation can lead to permanent marks on your floors, carpets, and furniture. Save them from dust, debris, and paint spills by covering them with a plastic sheet, or a cloth.

Seal off the Construction Area

Renovation within the same house that you live in can be horrible. All the dust and mess can find a way inside your living area. Thus, it is wise to seal off the construction area to contain the mess.

Use a Dumpster or a Skip Bin

You should make sure that the debris after the construction isn’t piled up. It is easier to rent a dumpster or have a skip bin to collect all the trash from the construction site.

Schedule Regular Cleanups

Regular cleanups ensure that the construction area is clean, and prevents debris from accumulating.

Communicate with your contractors

Explain to your contractors the expectations of cleanliness that you have so they and their workers can comply. Set clear guidelines and keep a check on whether they follow them or not. 

Steps to Approach Post-Renovation Cleaning

Post-renovation cleaning is not limited to making the house clean and tidy. It also involves disposing of hazardous materials, addressing safety issues like leaks and wire breakage, and cleaning and polishing new floors, and furniture so they don’t degrade over time. Here are a few steps that you can follow to clean your house after renovation.



1. Plan it Through 

Planning the entire process can be a great way to start a daunting task like this. “Well-begun is half done,” they say. An elaborate plan will help you get through sooner than you realise. Mark the areas that require maximum consideration and start off by making lists of tasks at hand.

2. Start off with Dusting

After a renovation project, there’s dust settled on every surface of the house. Thus, we should begin with a thorough dusting. Ensure that you use a dust-trapping tool or a microfiber cloth. Dust every surface, including walls, furniture, and floors.

3. Clean the Floors

Once you’ve completed dusting everything, pick up a vacuum cleaner and remove any debris or leftover on the floors. Use a mop and a mild cleaner to clean off the floors.

4. Wipe Down Surfaces

After cleaning the floors, wipe down all surfaces like countertops, cabinets, and appliances. Use a mild cleaner and a damp cloth for the wiping purpose.

5. Clean Windows and Mirrors

Once we’ve gone through all the steps mentioned above, it is now time to clean the windowpanes and mirrors. During the renovation process, glasses can be streaky and dirty. A glass cleaner and a damp cloth should do the job and you’ll have shiny glass.

6. Dispose of all the Debris 

Once the cleaning process is complete, make sure the pile of debris and leftovers that you collected are safely disposed of. You can rent a dumpster or contact your local waste disposal company to help you dispose of all that garbage.


You can follow both the pre and post-renovation cleaning practices to make sure that you have deal with as less of debris and trash as possible. You can also ask your renovation contractor or the construction company to find your professional house cleaners. It is important that one tread with debris very carefully because it can shank or cause serious damage to their health. 

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