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Things to Know Before Buying a House in Kathmandu, Nepal

Things to Know Before Buying a House in Kathmandu, Nepal

Are you guys thinking of buying a house in Kathmandu? If yes, then you are at the right place.

Buying your dream house in Kathmandu might sound easy but we suggest you to take a moment to read this blog and get insight on how the house buying process actually works here.

We're about to share each and every factor you need to know before considering buying a house in Kathmandu.

Let's dive in.

What are the Important Things To Consider Before Buying Your House?

Before you buy a house in Kathmandu, it's highly recommended to consider the budget, location, legalities and documentation associated with it. Let's know about these factors in depth.

Budget Planning

The first and foremost thing to consider while purchasing a home is your budget. Always plan your finances carefully. It's essential as you might come across certain hidden costs. 

Let's take a real-life example, you have chosen a house to purchase and it cost around Rs. 2 crore 30 lakh. You have allocated an exact budget for that. 

However, post-purchase, you come across additional financial considerations such as property taxes which are around 5% to 7%, registration fees around 2%, and broker's fees around 2% to 3% which were not considered in your budget. It will definitely impact your decision. 

So, it is wise always to factor these expenses into your overall budget to avoid financial surprises.

Budget Sourcing


Another aspect of budgeting includes sourcing. You might be thinking of buying a house in Kathmandu in installments, or through a home loan. For this, you need to stay updated on current interest rates for home loans. You can compare rates from different lenders to secure the most favorable financing terms.


You might have come across Facebook ads stating a house for sale in Kathmandu, right? So what's the first thing you scan? Well, it is obvious you search for "Property's price and location". 

Remember that you are going to live in that house with your family for the long term. Imagine, you have elderly parents, and they cannot withstand loud sound and air pollution. You cannot think of buying a house in an industrial area or a house near main roads. So it's simple, location matters. It should resonate with your lifestyle. 

When you buy a home in Kathmandu, you need to consider accessibility. Consider factors like the proximity to essential services like hospitals, schools, markets, and public transportation.


Your neighborhood plays a significant role in your livability. There is a saying in real estate, "You do not buy a house, you buy a neighborhood". Always prioritize neighborhoods with good safety records and a strong sense of community with like-minded people and cultures.

Future Resale Value

The most important thing is to consider the property's resale value. For this, always be updated and informed about current and upcoming infrastructure projects in the area. For example, road expansion can significantly enhance accessibility and property value.

Compare Your Needs to Home’s Design

Before making the purchase, always first compare your needs to the home's design.  The design and layout of the property need to align with your lifestyle and needs. 

Let's say you are keen to buy a house in Kathmandu, then you need to be specific about your requirements in terms of the number of bedrooms, kitchen layout, living areas, natural lighting, bathrooms, and floorings.  Be clear whether you want a 2BHK, 3BHK, or any other specific needs for parking areas, or garden areas. 

You should properly analyze if the house meets your needs.

Legal Aspects and Documentation

Before committing to a purchase, you must know about the legalities and the procedure to gain ownership of the house. Ensure that the construction has obtained all the necessary legal approvals from the local municipality. 

For instance, there have been situations where you purchase a property but later on come to know that it does not abide by all necessary building permits and approval.  And you need to pay for that, it would cost a lot for you. So, always be careful.

Another essential part is to verify that the property has clear and indisputable ownership records. For this, you can visit the Land Office of Kathmandu Metropolitan City. They will provide you with certified copies of title deeds. 

Consult an Engineer


Even when you purchase furniture, you thoroughly examine its condition. You analyze its brand, quality of materials used, and you consult with various carpenters, right? 

Don’t you think you need to be more careful while buying a house? As you know it requires a huge investment, it's essential to consider the quality of construction and builders reputation. For this, you can think of consulting with an experienced engineer or an architect to inspect the structural and maintenance needs related to the foundation, walls, electrical wiring, and plumbing systems. They would ensure that the property meets your standard and safety needs and also provide you with a detailed report if they identify any potential problems.

Select an Experienced Real Estate Agent or Broker

A real estate agent can either make or break your deal. So, select an experienced real estate agent who is trustworthy to avoid any fraud. For this, you can evaluate their track record or ask for referrals. 

An experienced and reputed real estate agent's expertise, market knowledge, and negotiation skills can significantly impact your overall experience and the outcome of your real estate transaction.

Environmental Consideration

Your safety comes first. So, you must assess the area's susceptibility to natural disasters. Analyze if the house is in low-level land and is affected by floods during the rainy season. Alternatively, you must also analyze whether the property is on high-level land and is susceptible to landslides. 

In Nepal, it is extremely important to consider environmental aspects before taking any step ahead in the buying process. 


In conclusion, buying a house is a once-in-a-lifetime dream. It's an investment of your hard-earned money that demands in-depth research and careful consideration of the above-mentioned factors. 

So take your time and choose the best construction company, best agent, best location, and best engineers to buy the best house of your dreams.


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